Once again, i found the benefits of Twitter and the people you follow on it. If you pick the right people to follow, you could get advantages from him/her. In this case i follow someone who likes to watch movies a lot, and once, this guy (i forgot who was) shared his top ten favorite movies. And voila, he mentioned Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind in one of his list which i haven't heard it before. And two days ago, i was in dvd store and i found this movie. So I bought it. And Shitto, i just found a great movie and this one is a cool one. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, for movie freaks, you must be familiar with this movie. Sadly, i've had time to watch it yesterday. You know, i wasn't too enthusiast with movies in high school, so my movie reference was not good enough. After i watched it, i found this movie is really tremendous, brilliant script and great imagination.

Again, I found how useful Twitter for me. I am not exxagerating Twitter, but almost two years joined Twitter, i get a lot of advantage from it. It helps me to find information that i needed.

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