Wow, i just had my first regional media competition! That was awesome, compete in Young Spikes Asia 2012 for Media category. Although i didn't win this time, but it was super great experience. Compete with many other talented Media Planner in Asia Pacific. Team from Japan, India, Srilangka, New Zealand, Vietnam, two teams from China and three teams from Singapore. Total 11 participants this year in Media category.

It was started 3 weeks ago. After 1,5 years learn and doing job as a media planner, my boss suddenly trusted me (or just randomly pointed me) to join Young Spikes Indonesia this year with Sigit, my colleague work as a Search Specialist from iProspect, Carat's sister company. We compete with other participants from many agencies. Lucky us! we won the local competition and got a chance to compete in Young Spikes Asia! Yey!

So, basically the format in Young Spikes Asia was a little bit different with the local competition. Committee gave us the brief on Sunday (16/9) at 5.30 pm. Its about the World Food Program and how we can gain more awareness about this humanitarian agency in Asia. We have to create media strategy for their problems.  Then they gave us a night to think about the idea and  come to venue again on the next day to create the deck. Started at 9 am until 6 pm.

After the submission, then each team presented the ideas to the judges and client in the next day. They only gave us 5 minutes to present and another 5 minutes for Q&A session. Very intense and tight schedule.

a couple hours after the presentation, they announced the winner. India won the Gold medal, followed by New Zealand and Japan. Its not our day (sigh), we were not so happy about the result but the good thing is, we had a good time during competition. Meet some other participants, talking about the industry in their country, or just having a light conversation. And yes, that was quite relieving and  great moment, indeed.

So, these are some photos from our activity during Young Spikes 2012 and Spikes Asia 2012.

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