I was invited by Mbak Andar, who particularly Dhika’s boss to joined this diving trip last week. Yes, exactly only a week before the trip. Actually, I already have a plan to dive at Harapan island with the bros and para idola, but since Mba Andar said, it’s whale sharks seasons this month, and you can only have a chance to see them once a year, you don’t have to go to Nabire (i still want to go there anyway), plus I will see my wife there, :p. I decided to go. And i also asked Petty to joined since there was one empty seat in a group and she really need to refresh her diving skill. 

We went on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, early in the morning with Nemo Dive Makassar. There were 12 people with us, I joined the group who some of them already dive together for several times. But they're all nice, friendly and very welcome to the new comer like us. 

We boarded from Barombong harbour early in the morning. Need around 1.5 hours to get to the first spot, but we didn't find any signals of their presence. After checkin into three spots, we stop moving and decided stay at the third site. the signals was there, it's just the sharks not there yet. We wait patiently. Only 15 minutes after the boat shut down its engine, a big whale sharks suddenly came to the boat! Yeaaaas, finally we found it! That was a huge creature. The most beautiful gentle giant i’ve ever met. And we play around with them for almost an hour! what a dive!