air dive

As planned, finally comes the time when we have to speed up the process by moving to Alor. There will be Willy, Acionk and Bram, who will help us prepare everything for the next 3 months.  Previously Maul has helped back and forth setting up the legal documents for our dive centre operation during Acionk and Bram’s Divemaster’s Trainee in Nusa Lembongan, Bali. And also took a freelance job as Divemaster in Nusa Lembongan. Now they had finished their contract and ready to move back to Alor.

For the next couple of weeks, they will explore sites, mapping (hopefully) all covered dive sites before we officially launch next years. While on the land, we are currently built the boat, and ready to build the office.

I am happy to see what we’ve been through so far. To have a chance to visit Alor and helped the boys set up their new home for the next 6 months. Almost everything is on track, of course there was some adjustment here and there, but it’s normal. Part of the process. Lets hope that everything goes well for couple months ahead. 

Oh and thanks to Monic who also helped us on moving in to Alor, and Yvonne who will help us exploring dive sites in Alor. You guys are awesome! I’ll see you guys anytime soon. 

updates: our website is now live at Yeay!


~ FN.