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Enjoy His First Ride

Halo, kawan..lanjutan postingan sebelumnya, akhirnya saya pun menikmati bersepeda lagi setelah sekian lama. Haha..nikmatnya.. Hampir berapa tahun, hmm mungkin jaman sd kali yah gue terakhir bersepeda. Sekarang, mumpung ada sepeda di rumah..saya nikmati dulu aja ah kegiatan baru saya ini..hehe


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Since today, the mother earth is welcoming another supporter to help reduce air pollution. yea, I'll ride with my (father) new bike, haha. yeah, cheers for me!

there is a coincidence why i can have a bicycle now. A couple days ago, my father had an instruction from his Bos to ride a bicycle for an event on Tuesday (13/01).  Since he doesn't have any bike for a long time, he asked me to accompany him to go to Bicycle Shop, to sightseeing, he said (but i had known earlier from my Mom that he would looking for a bike,he). So I said to him, "Okay Dad, I know where we can find a good one"

I took him to Rodalink in Arteri, Pondok Indah. It is a good place for shopping, but for me who doesn't know at all about having a good bike, I didn't get the recommendation from their shop keeper. So I decided to take my Dad to Happy MTB in Fatmawati. Because i had visit that place, and the owner gave me a lot of  information, for me as newbie.

And, as I guest, my father bought a bike for that event. And after Tuesday, the bike is mine, hehe. Hooray

His name is Mr. Chang Li